Sound and light system is an indispensable part when organizing events. A quality event light and sound system will fully convey the message in different events, big or small. But not everyone knows what equipment a professional event lighting system includes. The following article HoangSaViet AVL will share all information about all the necessary equipment in a professional event lighting and sound system .

What does a professional event lighting and sound system include?

1. Mixer Table

Mixer table is also known as an audio control table or mixing desk, a mixer table plays an extremely important role in professional audio equipment. The mixer is considered as the soul of the sound system. The Mixer is the place to receive the input audio signals, then the audio technician will process it to produce a single signal in mono or stereo format.

Currently, there are two types of digital mixers and analog mixers:

Analog mixer is a type of mixer that is widely used in recording studios, cafes, bars, small and medium-sized stage sound systems. The audio signal is transmitted to the mixer in the form of a sine wave, also known as an analog signal.

A digital mixer is a type of mixer that uses the digitalization of all its signal transmission. Digital mixer is an almost indispensable device in today's modern sound system, processing to produce very accurate, clear and clean sound. Digital mixers are adjusted and assisted through software installed on computers or other portable devices such as tablets, phones, etc., without having to stand directly in front of the mixer to adjust.

Mixer Table

2. Microphone

The microphone has the effect of capturing the vocalist's voice and then putting it into devices such as a mixer or signal processor before pushing it out to the speaker. A quality microphone will help the singer feel more confident and comfortable when singing.

3. Amplifier

Before being transferred to the speaker, the audio frequency is processed through the amplifier. Amplifiers help stimulate sound frequencies so that they can output speakers. When a frequency trigger, you should choose the type that must be compatible with the speaker set in terms of transmitting frequency and receiving frequency. The distance to place the amplifier should not be too far apart because it can affect the output sound quality.

Amplifer HoangSaViet AVL

4. Stage lights

Stage lights are one of the most important parts when organizing an event. Depending on the purpose and needs of use, the lighting equipment in the event may be different. Currently on the market are distributing the following lamps:

  1. Lights Follow
  2. Laser Lamp
  3. Frefile lamp
  4. Lights Parled
  5. Moving Head Lights
  6. Moving Leds
  7. Sky light
  8. DMX light table
  9. LED cob
  10. Matrix Lights
The lighting system in the event stage

5. Stage effects

Stage effects are now diverse in terms of lights: Smoke generators, flamethrowers, cannons, wave generators, fog machines, water fog machines, snow generators, fog generators, .. .

Event stage effects

6. Accessories - Rack

Audio accessories are often quite rich and diverse. Some basic audio accessories such as jacks, line cable boxes, speaker legs, machine cabinets, signal leads, microphone pins, etc.

Note when choosing to buy an event light sound system

1. Based on need

You need to determine the right needs when buying event lighting equipment. Depending on the scale, the choice of light and sound equipment will be different. For example, you want to install a sound and light system in the hall, a sound and light system in a karaoke bar, in a theater, a system in a hotel restaurant or you want to buy a professional sound system. for events,... Coming to HSV AVL, we will advise and design a quality professional sound system at an affordable price for your needs.

2. Use equipment from reputable brands

When installing a good sound system, quality and guaranteed by the warranty, we recommend using sound and light systems from famous brands such as: Yamaha, Sony, Promax, Shennheiser, goodwill, brighter, brighter...

HSV AVL is a distributor and direct importer of sound and light systems from Promax speakers, Goodwill lighting, Brighter, we guarantee low prices, no intermediaries and product warranty for customers. .

Why use HSV AVL . event light and sound

HSV AVL is a unit with more than 10 years of experience in the field of event lighting and sound. With a team of experienced technicians, we are sure that you will be satisfied when using our services and products.

Event lighting and sound equipment, karaoke systems,... are imported by HSV AVL and distributed directly without any intermediaries. From there, we guarantee to bring you from the best quality to the best price.

Buy, sell & rent cheap event lighting and sound equipment in Hanoi

To consult - design - construct and install a professional event lighting system, it is necessary to have a skilled technical team with many years of experience in the field of professional event lighting and sound.

Coming to HSV AVL, we will advise and quote for you according to your needs and desires, ensuring a full process of consulting - quotation - design - construction and installation of a specialized event lighting system. most professional.

The process of installing a professional sound and light system of HSV AVL

  1. Receive customer information (needs, purposes of use)

  2. Conduct site survey

  3. Customer consultation and quotation

  4. Design - construction and installation of equipment

  5. Handing over the project

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