1. What is a Truss frame? Materials for manufacturing Truss frames

1.1. What is a Truss frame?

Truss frames , also known as event theater frames, event frames are usually made of aluminum or iron alloy materials, molded by machining, cutting, welding, polishing, painting, etc. Aluminum truss frames are Widely used in performances, exhibitions, and celebrations, used as a frame to hang lights and speakers on stage.

In addition, aluminum Truss frames are also used as space tents, stage frames, parking garages,...

Truss sections are connected together to form vertical columns or horizontal beams with the length required by the customer or each event.

Each Truss section will have 4 main aluminum tubes fixed by tie bars running both vertically and diagonally. The length of these 4 aluminum tubes is the fixed size for each Truss frame product code of HSV ProAVL.

HSV ProAVL Aluminum Truss Frame
Aluminum Truss Frame Module

1.2. Materials for manufacturing Truss frames

Truss frames are usually produced from two main materials: aluminum alloy and iron. HSV ProAVL's Truss frame is manufactured from T6061 aluminum alloy with high flexibility, solid durability, and absolute safety.

Aluminum Truss frame making project
Aluminum Truss frame making project - HSV ProAVL

1.3. Truss frame classification at HSV ProAVL

HSV ProAVL's aluminum truss frame products are divided into the following 3 types:

  • Aluminum Truss frame with screws;
  • Aluminum Truss frame connecting connector;
  • Truss frame accessories and components.

Individual Truss sections (Truss modules) produced by HSV ProAVL usually have lengths of: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m.

aluminum truss frame
Aluminum truss frame

2. Support equipment and accessories when using aluminum truss frames in events

Truss frame accessories

2.1. Aluminum truss frame module

Truss modules are Truss sections of different lengths, connected together with bolts or connector pins. There are many different types of modules such as triangular truss, 300x300 truss, 400x400 truss, 420x420 truss, 400x600 truss,... these parameters are the bottom surface measurements of each type of truss.

Depending on the purpose of use, the choice of aluminum Truss frame also changes.

HSV ProAVL aluminum truss frame
Aluminum truss frame

2.2. Hoist raises and lowers the truss frame

A hoist is a device for lifting and lowering objects hung from high places, commonly used in many types of projects, certainly including the event industry. It helps pull the stage roof truss and tent up high. Many people also call Palang by other names such as: winch, pulley. Hoists are divided into two types: electric hoists, chain hoists (hand-pulled hoists).


Chain hoist (Hand winch): Chain hoist makes lifting objects easy, does not require too much effort, helps minimize risks during the installation of stages and tents and saves costs. One end of the hoist is fixed to the beak above the top of the truss, the other end has an iron chain, with a large tonnage. The pulley system helps pull the stage truss frame and the sliding canvas roof up through the sliding wheel cage.

Electric hoist: A lifting device used to pull heavy objects horizontally, inclinedly, or upward, driven by an electric motor.

2.3. Wheel sliding cage (dice)

Sliding cages and dice are the connection points for horizontal beams or vertical columns, or connecting corners that help create a solid shape for the canvas house, or sound and light frames. Sliding cages use sliding wheels along Truss pillars to help lift those structures from low to high.

2.4. Iron sole - rising sole

The lift base is made from aluminum alloy or iron, equipped with wheels to help move easier. The main role of the truss base is to fix the legs of the truss to help the truss stand more firmly.

2.5. Legs are weak - Hands are weak

The kickstand consists of 2 A-shaped legs connected to the Truss. The kickstand helps stabilize the balance position like a swing base.

Depending on different terrain, you can choose spikes with different lengths. The top of the kickstand is fitted with an aluminum shackle with ratcheting teeth to help connect to the Truss frame system.

The armrest is often used as a component when fixing the LED screen from the back to the frame.

2.6. Palang hanging speculum

The beak is placed on the top of the Truss pillar, this is the Palang hanging point to pull the Truss frame up.


2.7. Aluminum shackle for flexible connection

Aluminum hooks for hanging lights and speakers are also used as an accessory to flexibly connect parts of the truss system and stage together.

Aluminum hooks to hang stage lights

3. Quotation for Truss frames, Truss frame accessories

3.1. Screwed Truss frame price list

Length Code Reference price (VND)
Truss frame 300x300mm Pro
1M AV3030BP45_1 2,020,000
1.5M AV3030BP45_1.5 2,900,000
2 M AV3030BP45_2 3,780,000
2.5M AV3030BP45_2.5 4,660,000
3M AV3030BP45_3 5,270,000
Truss frame 300x300mm
0.5M AV3030B45_0.5 1,310,000
1M AV3030B45_1 1,600,000
1.5M AV3030B45_1.5 2,570,000
2 M AV3030B45_2 2,830,000
2.5M AV3030B45_2.5 3,330,000
3M AV3030B45_3 3,860,000
Truss frame 300x300mm (triangle)
0.5M AV3030B35_0.5 790,000
1M AV3030B35_1 1,370,000
1.5M AV3030B35_1.5 1,890,000
2 M AV3030B35_2 2,440,000
2.5M AV3030B35_2.5 2,970,000
3M AV3030B35_3 3,340,000

Length Code Reference price (VND)
Truss frame 420x420mm Pro
1M AV4242BP45_1 2,350,000
1.5M AV4242BP45_1.5 3,260,000
2 M AV4242BP45_2 4,240,000
2.5M AV4242BP45_2.5 5,170,000
3M AV4242BP45_3 5,850,000
Truss frame 420x420mm
0.5M AV4242B45_0.5 1,350,000
1M AV4242B45_1 1,880,000
1.5M AV4242B45_1.5 3,050,000
2 M AV4242B45_2 3,330,000
2.5M AV4242B45_2.5 4,710,000
3M AV4242B45_3 4,550,000

If you need a detailed quote for other types of Truss, please contact Hotline: 0972 787 123

3.2. Truss Connector frame price list

Length Code Reference price (VND)
Truss frame 310x310mm
0.5M AV3131C45_0.5 1,240,000
1M AV3131C45_1 1,850,000
1.5M AV3131C45_1.5 2,574,000
2 M AV3131C45_2 3,300,000
2.5M AV3131C45_2.5 4,000,000
3M AV3131C45_3 4,490,000
Truss frame 310x310mm (triangle)
1M AV3131C35_1 1,390,000
1.5M AV3131C35_1.5 1,914,000
2 M AV3131C35_2 2,464,000
2.5M AV3131C35_2.5 3,000,000
3M AV3131C35_3 3,380,000

3.3. Truss frame accessories price list

Product's name Product code Reference price (VND)
Iron base without wheels (Screws) AV3030B4_BASE 850,000
Iron base without wheels AV3131C3_BASE 1 million
Double shackle & aluminum lamp hanger AV4502 400,000
6-sided Truss frame dice AV3030B6_XN 2,255,000
6-sided Truss frame dice (connector) AV3030C6_XN 1,500,000
Connector wheel slide cage AV4545C_LT 4,500,000
Sliding canvas cage 300x300mm AV3030BP4_LT 4,450,000
Wheel slide cage 300x400mm AV3040BP_LT 4,730,000
Feather sliding wheels 400x400mm AV4040B_LT 5,830,000
Palang connector hanger AVC600_MV Contact
Palang hanger screws AVB600_MV Contact
Hand winch hoist 0.5 ton - 6m AV0.5T6M_PL Contact
Hand winch hoist 1 ton - 8m AV01T8M_PV Contact
Hand winch hoist 2 tons - 10m AV02T10M_PL Contact
Palang Kenbo 1 - 3 tons - 6m AV03T6M_PL Contact
Bad foot AV2M_CC Contact

If you need a detailed quote for other types of Truss, please contact Hotline: 0972 787 123

4. Aluminum Truss frame code table and parameters to know

Below is a table explaining the Truss frame product code symbols produced and supplied by HSV ProAVL:

Symbol Explain For example
The letter “AV” “AV” stands for HSV ProAVL, this is the symbol to identify aluminum Truss frames and Truss frame accessories manufactured and supplied by HSV ProAVL.

AV 3030BP45_1



Next 4 digits Dimensions of the bottom surface of the aluminum truss frame, sliding cage, and dice

AV 3030 BP45_1

AV 4545 C_LT


Letter “B”

Abbreviation for the word Bolt (screw catching)

It is understood that the aluminum truss frame or sliding dice cage is connected together by bolts, also known as screwed truss.

AV3030 B P45_1

AV3030 B 6_XN

AV3030 B P4_LT

Letter “C”

Abbreviation for Connector

It is understood that aluminum truss frame or sliding cage - dice are connected together by Connector

AV3131 C 45_0.5

AV3131 C 3_BASE

AV3030 C 6_XN

Letter “P” Abbreviation for Professional (Truss frames that use large transoms will have a P symbol added at the end of the product name code. HSV ProAVL produces large transoms with dimensions of 50*3mm)

AV4242B P 45_1

AV4242B P 45_1.5

AV3030B P 45_1

The digit “3/4/…” comes after the letter “B” or “C” or “P” Number of sides of aluminum truss frame

AV3131C 4 5_0.5 (4 sides)

AV4242BP 4 5_1 (4 sides)

AV3030B 6_XN (6 sides)

AV3030B 3 5_0.5 (3 sides)

The number behind the face number of the Truss frame Type 1: if there is a 5 digit AV3131C4 5 _0.5: 50cm away there will be a horizontal tree
Type 2: if there are no digits AV3131C4_0.5: 1 meter away, there will be a horizontal tree
The digit “0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3” comes after the “_” Length of aluminum truss frame

AV3131C45_ 0.5 (0.5mm)

AV3131C45_ 1 (1 meter)

AV3131C45_ 2.5 (2.5 meters)

The letter “LT” Sliding cage (accessory product supporting installation of aluminum truss frame) AV4545C_ LT
The word “XN” Dice (accessory product to support the installation of aluminum truss frames) AV3030B6_ XN
The word “PL” Palang (accessory product to support aluminum truss frame installation) AV03T6M_ PL
The word “CC” Truss legs (accessory product to support the installation of aluminum truss frames) AV2M_ CC

5. Production of aluminum truss frames at HSV ProAVL factory

Currently, units using aluminum truss frames to organize events often import truss from abroad to Vietnam. High transportation costs, long waiting times, understanding the market and needs of event organizers. HSV ProAVL invests in facilities with a factory manufacturing aluminum truss frames and event equipment located in Binh Chanh - City. HCM with an area of ​​more than 5000m2.

With modern machinery and equipment imported directly from abroad, HSV ProAVL produces high quality products, beautiful designs, and high durability. HSV ProAVL products are always interested and trusted by customers.

See more products and services at HSV Pro AVL

6. Role and applicability of the Truss framework

In addition to using aluminum truss frames to hang stage lights and speakers, truss frames are also used as tents for event spaces, used as frames in exhibition events,...

Aluminum Truss frame rental in Hanoi
Aluminum Truss frame rental in Hanoi
Use truss frames to hang lights and stage speakers
Use truss frames to hang lights and stage speakers

7. Reputable, cheap aluminum truss frame distribution address in Vietnam

HSV ProAVL is a manufacturer and supplier. Selling and renting aluminum Truss frames in Hanoi and provinces nationwide.

Hanoi: 0972.787.123

Ho Chi Minh City: 0913.222.075

Email: hsvavl@gmail.com

Website: https://proavl.vn/

Hanoi headquarters: No. 229, D. Van Tri, Van Noi, Dong Anh, Hanoi

City headquarters. HCM: 184/20A Le Dinh Can, Tan Tao, Binh Tan, City. HCM

8. Actual images of aluminum truss frames in projects and events of HSV ProAVL

Truss frame canvas house
Truss frame canvas house
Event space tent
Event space tent
The house has a canvas roof during the wedding
The house has a canvas roof during the wedding
Use Truss frame as a warehouse
Use Truss frame as a warehouse
The house has a canvas roof during the wedding
The house has a canvas roof during the wedding

0972 787 123