Nowadays, mobile stage platforms for assembling events are quite commonly used. With its convenient features, customers love and trust the assembled mobile stage product. Mobile stages are indispensable in all events, large or small. So how can you choose a reputable mobile stage supplier with low price but good quality? The article below will answer all your questions about assembling mobile stages and choosing a stage supplier and installer that meets quality standards.

Event assembly stage
Mobile stage (Source: HSV ProAVL)

What is a mobile stage?

A mobile stage , also known by another name as a prefab stage, is a type of stage that can be easily moved from one location to another. The structure of the mobile stage is assembled from many stage floor panels together to form a complete stage.

There are two types of mobile stages today: mobile stages made of aluminum alloy and mobile stages made of iron.

Although aluminum alloy mobile stages have a higher price than stages made from iron materials, they will help you save time, effort and labor when assembling an aluminum stage due to the lighter nature of aluminum. iron.

Economically, a mobile stage made from aluminum will have an advantage. Aluminum stages exposed to the air are less likely to corrode due to environmental impacts, whereas stages made from iron are susceptible to corrosion over time.

Installing the hall stage
Mobile stage hall made of durable - double - lightweight aluminum alloy (Source: HSV ProAVL)

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Advantages of aluminum alloy mobile stage

1. The mobile stage is easy to move and can be used in many different locations

2. Quick stage assembly saves time and labor

3. Easily change the height of the stage depending on the customer's purpose and needs

4. Diverse and flexible sizes can easily be changed to suit different events

5. When not in use, the stage can be removed to help expand the space

Check the safety of the stage before handing over
Aluminum alloy mobile stage is easy to install, does not require too much effort and labor
(Source: HSV ProAVL)

Why should you use HSV ProAVL's aluminum alloy mobile stage?

With the advantages of aluminum alloy such as: super durable, light, beautiful and does not erode over time . HSV ProAVL Company prioritizes the choice of aluminum material to produce stages to serve the needs of customers.

  • The assembled mobile stage podium uses aluminum alloy T6061-T6 which is super durable, light and beautiful.
  • With a smart Connector connection, the stage panel is securely linked and easily disassembled
  • Stage flooring is produced with a waterproof film and has a durability of over 5 years
  • The stage is designed and the color of the floor panels can be customized
  • The up and down stairs can automatically adjust their height according to the stage level
  • Customized stage height helps accommodate many different events or programs
  • Save shipping costs, quick disassembly helps save labor
  • Suitable for conference centers, halls, stages, performance events,...
HSV ProAVL assembled stage frame
Assembled stage frame, smart star fruit connection

HSV ProAVL shares experiences in choosing stage podiums

Determine the location for the stage installation:

The stage installation location is the most important factor before finding a stage construction unit. Each installation location will have different event characteristics, so the choice of stage type will also be different depending on the need to use the stage at that location.

Below are the mobile stage installation locations listed by HSV ProAVL:

  • Install stage podiums in halls, conferences, meeting rooms,...
  • Installing stage platforms at restaurants, hotels, wedding conference centers;
  • Install mobile stages at schools, companies, shopping centers,...
  • Installing assembled stages at state agencies such as committees, schools,...
  • There are also event organizers who also choose mobile stage platforms when going to events,...
Assembled mobile stage podium
Assembled mobile stage podium

How much is the budget for the mobile stage podium project?

Stage installation costs also depend on many factors such as: Stage area, stage floor surface, stage height, installation location (transportation), desired color of the stage podium, etc. .. You need to balance your budget to choose the most suitable type of stage.

Materials and stage quality

Materials are the core factor that determines the cost of the stage, as mentioned above, the current stage podium is made from two main materials: aluminum alloy and iron. HSV ProAVL supplies, produces and sells movable stage platforms made from aluminum alloy materials.

Before handing over the stage to the customer, we will check the safety of the stage to ensure that no errors occur during the event.

Mobile stage in Dong Thap
Hall stage in Dong Thap

Quick installation process

For event organizers, choosing a prefabricated mobile stage requires attention to the progress of stage installation. The stage provided by HSV ProAVL is installed quickly, without the need for many installation staff.

HSV ProAVL staff installs the stage for you in 1-2 hours to complete a complete stage.

Assembled stage podium
Assembled stage podium

Reputable stage supplier, good warranty policy

Choosing a stage installation unit is very important. In addition to the factors of price and service quality, you need to find a reputable unit with experience in the profession, good warranty and after-sales policies. Currently, there are many units providing cheap mobile stage platforms, but the product quality is not yet perfect.

HSV ProAVL not only provides mobile stage platforms, in addition, HSV ProAVL's warranty policy and after-sales service always make customers satisfied. HSV ProAVL is currently a trusted partner of many companies in all projects on stages, LED screens, sound and lighting,...

Assembled stage podium
Prefabricated stage podium for rent in Hanoi

Selling & manufacturing mobile assembled stage podiums in Hanoi

In today's market, it is difficult for you to choose a unit that provides mobile stage platforms and event stages with the following criteria: cheap, beautiful, durable,... Understand your desires and needs. of customers, HSV ProAVL company undertakes the production of mobile stage platforms and event stages without going through any intermediaries. Guaranteed to bring low prices coupled with durable quality of the products our company provides.

Selling cheap mobile assembled stage podiums in Hanoi

Hanoi: 0972.787.123

City. HCM: 0913.222.075



Hanoi: No. 229, D. Van Tri, Van Noi ward, Dong Anh district, Hanoi

City. HCM: 184/20 Le Dinh Can, Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan District, City. HCM

Factory producing mobile stage podiums with a scale of 5000m2

HSV ProAVL has a factory manufacturing mobile stage platforms with a scale of 5000m2 located in Binh Chanh - Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to visit the factory facilities, please contact the hotline for instructions: 0972 787 123

Large stage podium factory with an area of ​​up to 5000m2, we specialize in providing flexible and convenient stage solutions for events.

hsv proavl event equipment company
Event equipment company HSV ProAVL

With the selection of quality input materials from aluminum alloy and reasonable operating costs, HSV ProAVL always wants to bring you quality products suitable for the price.

Professional stage design staff: HSV ProAVL has a team specializing in designing all types of assembled stage podiums, mobile stage podiums, and hall stage podiums to help you save time on design as well as Provide reasonable solutions regarding area, installation costs and stage construction.

Skilled technical team, with 15 years of experience in the field of construction and installation of portable mobile stages to serve halls and large and small events.

HSV ProAVL is not only a company that produces stage podiums but also a reliable partner for event organizers, businesses in the entertainment industry and art organizations that need to use podiums. stage,...

Mobile stage projects implemented by HSV ProAVL

Hall stage podium
Installing a mobile stage at the restaurant (Source: HSV ProAVL)
Stage podium of HSV ProAVL hall
Installing a mobile stage at the restaurant (Source: HSV ProAVL)
HSV ProAVL tempered, mica glass stage
Transparent mica tempered glass stage (Source: HSV ProAVL)
Stage designed upon request
Handing over of the assembled stage according to the design of HSV ProAVL
Handing over the stage to Chau Duc Golf Course - Ba Ria (Source: HSV ProAVL)
Multi-storey grandstand stage
Mobile stage installation project for HTV television station (Source: HSV ProAVL)
Round assembled stage
Round event stage podium at HSV ProAVL Hanoi
Theater hall in Hue
Hall stage installed at White Lotus Hue
Hall stage upon request
Hall stage podium
Mobile assembly stage
Hall stage installed at White Lotus Hue

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